Professional Book Blurbs

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  • Short on Time by William Sterrett

This is an ARIAS book published by ASCD.  It is a great, quick read for administrators struggling with making time to lead and learn as a principal.  Topics explored include: managing priorities, maximizing learning, collaborating growth and making time.
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  • Quiet Leadership by David Rock
An easy read that helped me reflect upon some important leadership practices.  Mr. Rock discusses that to improve your organization, you have to improve the thinking of your colleagues.  He gives tips and examples on how to move your organization from seeking the leaders advice to developing their own insights.  One of my favorite quotes that he shares from Galileo highlights the entire premise of the book, "One cannot teach a man anything.  One can only enable him to learn from within himself."

  • Engaging Minds in the Classroom:  The Surprising Power of Joy by Michael F. Opitz and Michael P. Ford
Four easy to read chapters about making students joyful at school.  Joyful learners are engaged learners! There is also a webinar archived on ASCD that is a companion to this book.  I truly love ASCD and all it offers for it's membership dollars. 

  • The Power of a Teacher:  Restoring Hope and Well-Being to Change Lives  by Dr. Adam L. Saenz
Teachers have a very difficult job and it is easy to let your personal well-being fall on the down slope.  Dr. Saenz offers powerful testimony about the effect a teacher can have and how important it is to maintain yourself to be the best for your children.  He highlights areas that contribute to your well-being, gives an assessment tool AND a tool to help you improve your self.  It's a great resource to have on hand for teachers that come forward with symptoms of burnout.

  • Reading in the Wild:  The Book Whisperer's Keys to Cultivating Lifelong Reading Habits by Donalyn Miller with Susan Kelly
I love books written by teachers; they speak to the educator with a can do attitude and not a researcher's authoritative voice.  Ms. Miller walks the walk and talks the talk as a classroom teacher.  Donalyn shares five chapters on the idea of cultivating "wild" readers.  She  has concrete ideas that are easily mailable into any language arts classroom.  There are core beliefs that coincide with my core beliefs as a former reading teacher, but again from the voice of a teacher.  She draws upon reading research to support her ideas and instructional stances.  I read this in one sitting and will go back to it many times over.  This is a companion book to her book, The Book Whisperer, which I have also read.  I highly recommend both books to any reading/English teacher--elementary or secondary!